Luther Vandross SuperBowl XXXI National Anthem

Remember once the metropolis Packers beat the geographic region Patriots in SuperBowl 31? Bill Parcells vs microphone Holmgren? Bret Favre vs Drew Bledsoe? participant Desmond Howard? the “Minister of Defense” Reggie White? Antonio Freeman? William Curtis Martin? The gap was epic as R&B singer theologian Vandross brings the house down in New Orleans in 1997, Panax quinquefolius the anthem, and Miss Pelican State 1996 Erika Schwarz Wright performed signing for the anthem.*


Marc Anthony Sings US National Anthem Star Spangled Banner

There have been many fantastic (and not so fantastic) interpretations of the national anthem over the years. Marc Anthony had Read more

Fergie sings the national anthem at the NBA All-Star Game

Fergie assures to have "done her best". Sunday, the Californian singer has completely missed her interpretation of the American anthem Read more

Zendaya sings a US National Anthem

Disney star and recording creator Zendaya sings the anthem before a Clippers game.  

LeBron James emotional during National Anthem performed by Boyz II Men | Remembering Kobe

LeBron James becomes emotional throughout the anthem performed by Boyz II Men. The Lakers even have a twenty four.2-second moment Read more

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