Do not joke with national anthem for united states !

Yes, you shouldn’t joke with national anthem for united states !

Here is a series of the 5 situations where some artists have interpreted this hymn and what was the reaction of the public.

#1. The Fray did a bizarre cover of the American anthem

The fray - national anthem for united states

The group The Fray is known in the United States for its mega hit “How to save a life”. Dramatic as can be, the song has even been covered and sung by the actors of the hit American series Greys Anatomy. On Monday night, the group was invited to sing the American anthem to kick off a university basketball competition. The Fray then launches into an acoustic version rather cacophonous. The Americans went wild on social networks. The Washington Post deemed the cover “weird”, that it made you want to “curl up and send a drunken text message to your ex.”

#2. The Bling Bling version by Kat DeLuna did not please the public (national anthem for united states)

Katdeluna - national anthem for united states

The American anthem is a powerful and emotional song. Except that the Rn’B singer Kat DeLuna, invited to sing at an American Football game, got a little carried away. She proposed to the spectators present in the stadium, a “bling bling” version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” with some false notes and some mistakes in the lyrics. The public present did not fail to show its dismay at the end of its interpretation. A great moment of solitude.

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#3. Christina Aguilera is wrong in the lyrics

The Superbowl is the great mass of soccer fans. For its 45th edition, Christina Aguilera is invited to deliver her version of the American anthem. In the middle of interpretation, the singer made a mistake in the lyrics replacing: “O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?” By “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming”. With over 100 million viewers in front of their screens and over 105,000 people in the stadium, the little mistake did not go unnoticed. Booed by the audience, the young woman had to issue an apology.

#4. Aerosmith frontman’s version is inconsistent (national anthem for united states)

When the organizers of the National Football League series choose the singer of the band Aerosmith to sing the American anthem, we expect to feel the same vibrations as the screaming cover of Jimmy Hendrix.

At worst, we hope for the same emotion as when we watched Armageddon (Bruce Willis dies at the end) when Steven Tyler came to console us in the credits of the movie with the famous “Don’t wanna miss a thing”. But this is not the case. Probably because of the accapela (a rock singer is no longer a singer without his guitar, right?), the version of the Aerosmith leader is irregular. The audience doesn’t even wait for the end of the song to boo him.

With these multiple reactions, we understand that we are not joking with national anthem for united states.

#5. Marvin Gaye offers a rather daring version of The Star-Spangled Banner

The Star Spangled Banner Marvin Gaye

This interpretation is not among the worst versions. On the contrary, at the 1983 All Star Game, Marvin Gaye proposed a rather daring version of The Star-Spangled Banner. Marvin Gaye breaks the tradition. The anthem is taken back in a groovy way and enchants the spectators who cheer the soul singer at the end of his performance. Since then, many have tried to do the same. Only Whithney Houston succeeded in doing the same thing.

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