National Anthem for US : The Most Brilliant Interpretations

Discorver here the most brilliant interpretations of  national anthem for US !

The Star-Spangled Banner, the national anthem of the United States has been interpreted by the greatest voices that make this nation proud. This poem written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key, with music by John Stafford Smith is capable of bringing stars to the eyes, even for us little Frenchies.

We reveal you our large podium of its most beautiful interpretations, inevitably even more impressive and federating when they inaugurate big sports events.

The most eternal (National Anthem for US Perfomance)

In her little white jogging suit, Whitney Houston illuminates the Super Bowl XXV with her smile and her ardent song. We are in 1991 and we do not mourn her yet, because let us recall it, she died on February 11.

The most languid (National Anthem for US Perfomance)

When the prince of soul Marvin Gaye languidly sings the anthem at the 1983 NBA All Star Game, we feel like lighting the candles and inviting a neighbor in the stands to slow dance.

Most Predestined (National Anthem for US Perfomance)

In 2004, the Destiny’s Child Beyoncé already made her first solo steps with her first album Dangerously In Love. Already under the spell, America lent her the Superbowl microphone and look closely, we don’t know if it’s attributable to her suit or her vibrant vocals, but the players were visibly breathless at her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner.

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The most committed :

With Jimmy Hendrix, the Star-Spangled Banner has never been so feverish, battered and heroic, as at the famous Woodstock festival. It’s 1969 and with the American intervention in Vietnam as a backdrop, even without words, his playing takes the words out of his mouth.

The most guttural :

In 1999, Christina Aguilera was 19 years old and had already come a long way since her first steps with Britney at the Mickey Mouse Club. All in power and conviction, she gets out her guts for the national anthem and lends herself since very regularly to the game: field hockey, Superbowl, the videos of her singing the anthem swarm on the web !


The most Motown

Soul legends The Temptations reawaken national pride by recalling Motown’s heyday with their choral adaptation of the anthem in 1984 in Denver for the NBA All Stars Game.

Earliest :

At only 9 years old, the amazing mini-star Athena Creese joined in 2010 the top performers of the famous anthem in front of Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets fans at an NBA game.


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