The Star Spangled Banner explained

Get here the star spangled banner explained !

The Star Spangled Banner refers to either the flag of the United States or the country’s national anthem. You can discover more about this concept through this presentation.

This phrase can literally be translated as “stars and stripes”. Also known as The Star-Spangled Banner or Old Glory, it is also credited with the title of the national anthem. However, the first meaning of the expression, national flag, provides interesting descriptions. It is worth remembering that the first Star-Spangled Banner in 1777, about a year after the country’s Declaration of Independence.

The description of the flag of the United States

The description of the flag of the United States in a simple and interesting way. You will observe thirteen different horizontal stripes that have an equal width. They have the colors red and white. They are arranged alternately and are sewn together and not printed to show the importance of the indestructible alliance that binds the founding countries.

There is also a blue canton that is dotted with fifty small white five-pointed stars arranged in nine horizontal rows. It should be remembered that each of the 13 stripes of the Star Spangled Banner represents the founding states of the country. And all the stars on the flag symbolize the states of the union. Today 50, it was at the creation 13 stars.

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The Star-Spangled Banner explained as the national anthem

The text of the United States anthem is a poem written by Francis Scott Key and published in 1814. The 35-year-old wrote it after witnessing the unforgettable Anglo-American War of 1812. It is a fitting tribute to the heroic resistance of the patriots who defended the fort. They were even able to fly the American flag at the top despite the enemy’s determination to plant theirs there.

The music that makes up the text of the Star Spangled Banner

The music that is used for the United States anthem was originally composed by British musicians. They played the tune as a tribute to the Greek poet Anacreon. It is not surprising that the title of the song was “The Anacreontic Song or To Anacreon in Heaven”. It is this music that the Americans will take by replacing the words by those of the hymn to give what we hear today.

However, it is in 1889 that its use will be recognized as official by the American Navy and then by the White House in 1916. It should be added that the Star Spangled Banner was not finally adopted as the national anthem until March 3, 1931 by a resolution of Congress. The song itself is composed of four stanzas. But, for the most part, it is the first stanza and the chorus that are performed by Americans today.

As with any country, the development of a flag and anthem is the result of a unanimous decision.

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