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The guitar is a plucked string instrument. The strings are laid out parallel to the soundboard and the neck, usually cut with frets, on which the strings are pressed with one hand to produce different notes. The other hand plucks the strings, either with the fingernails and fingertips or with a pick. The guitar usually has six strings.

The guitar, easily transportable, is an instrument that accompanies singing in many popular musical genres. Often the singer accompanies himself on his guitar.

Its popularity, already established in the last centuries, increased with the international diffusion of American music in the 20th century: jazz, blues, country, pop, rock, reggae, soul. Along with the piano, the harmonica and the violin, it is one of the most widely played instruments in the world.

The Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem of the United States. The poem that forms the text of the anthem was written by Francis Scott Key and published in 1814.

A 35-year-old lawyer and amateur poet, Key wrote it after witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland, by British ships of the Royal Navy entering the Chesapeake Bay during the Anglo-American War of 1812.

The text pays tribute to the heroic resistance of those who defended the fort and were able to fly the American flag atop it despite the enemy’s relentless efforts to plant theirs there.

What do guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kirk Hammett and many guitar heroes have in common ?

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They can all play the Star Spangled Banner! Also known as the national anthem of the United States, the Star Spangled Banner is often sung or played before sporting events like baseball games and soccer Superbowls.



Star Spangled Banner Guitar Tab

Below is that the stringed instrument TAB for the Star-Spangled Banner main melody line within the key of BB Major. Learn it and check out swing your own spin and elaborations on that rather like James Marshall Hendrix did. once the fourth of Gregorian calendar month comes this year, crank up your guitar amp and let your neighbors hear your patriotism! would like facilitate reading this ?


The Guitar Robot plays the national anthem

Listen to the stringed instrument mechanism play the anthem during this video below. Press the complete screen button to induce a higher read.


Jimi Hendrix played the American anthem “Star Spangled Banner” on electric guitar

A bit of history !

In 1969 at Woodstock, Jimi Hendrix played the American anthem “Star Spangled Banner” on electric guitar.

Why is this interpretation by Jimi Hendrix provocative?

The Star Spangled Banner is certainly the American anthem… but here Hendrix does not glorify his country, it is not in any case a patriotic interpretation, as an artist, he denounces the war, the violence…

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In 1969, more than 54,000 American soldiers are engaged in Viet Nam, Hendrix claims his opposition to the massacre.

It is the beginning where the Americans begin to oppose the conflict: a demonstration in Washington gathers 250,000 people.

He uses the effects (distortion, glissando…) of the electric guitar to simulate for example the noise of the bombs which fall.

His music symbolizes the war.



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