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The trumpet is a wind musical instrument of the clear brass family.

It is made of a tube of 1.50 m long like the cornet. The metal used to make the trumpet is mostly brass (on average 70% of the trumpet is made of brass).

To play it, one often uses 3 pistons (sometimes 4 in the piccolo) as well as air (air column).

What are the valves of a trumpet for ?

When you watch a trumpet player play, you see him blowing into the mouthpiece and you have the impression that the air goes through the “pipes” to the bell of the instrument.

But it’s a little more complicated than that. Spontaneously, the trumpet emits only one sound. With the mouth, one can obtain its natural harmonics, but the possibilities are still limited.

This is where the pistons come in. These small pipes are pierced with holes which, when the piston is pressed, allow the air to be sent to other cylinders before reaching the bell.

In short, when you play the trumpet, the air travels through different circuits in pipes of varying lengths, creating a different sound each time. The trumpet has three valves, which can be pressed individually or together with the fingers of the right hand.

This way you can play all the notes of the scale! The left hand holds the instrument and points it forward to facilitate the projection of the sound.

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There are many trumpets, of different sizes depending on their tessitura, from the piccolo trumpet (the highest) to the bass trumpet. The most common is the B-flat trumpet, which can be found in almost all styles of music, including jazz.

However, classical musicians prefer the C trumpet, which has a clearer sound, because it allows for more precise high notes and attacks.

This is the trumpet generally used in the symphony orchestra. The trumpets in D and E-flat are mainly used to play works from the baroque (Bach) or classical (Haydn, Hummel) periods. In jazz, the soprano flugelhorn is also used in brass bands. Some purists will tell you that the flugelhorn is not a trumpet but a saxhorn (of the same family as the tuba, therefore) but it is nevertheless played by… trumpet players.

The Star Spangled Banner trumpet solo

This trumpet score for The Star Spangled Banner, the national anthem of the United States of America, is written in the key of F (concert E-flat).

There is also a solo trumpet version of The Star Spangled Banner in the key of C, if you wish to play it in a lower key.

The Star Spangled Banner trumpet

Arturo Sandoval playing The Star Spangled Banner with his trumpet at the Orange Bowl 2009

Virginia technical school Hokies and Cincinnati Bearcats in 1/1/09 BCS Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. Arturo Sandoval plays The Star beady Banner before the sport.

Born on November 6, 1949 in Artemisa (Cuba). At a very young age, he became passionate about music and joined the brass band of his village at the age of 12 or 13, where he tried out several instruments, but his choice was the trumpet. In 1964 he started his classical training at the National School of Arts in Havana. He will have a Russian teacher there.

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In 1971 he joined the Orquesta Cubana de Musica Moderna under the direction of Armando Romeu. This led to the creation of Irakere with which he toured the world with Paquito D’Rivera and Chucho Valdés.

In 1977, he met Dizzy Gillespie, his idol and spiritual father, who showed him around Cuba and revealed himself on stage with him. In July 1990, Gillespie allowed him to flee the Castro regime when, during a tour in Italy with the United Nations Orchestra, he took refuge and requested political asylum from the U.S. Embassy in Rome.

In 1998 he obtained American citizenship thanks to the intervention of Bill Clinton. He currently lives in Miami where the Cuban community is very present. He played the American anthem at the Orange Bowl 2009.


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